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For over a decade, Benjamin Preparatory School has been the leading provider of early childhood education for Christian families in Atlanta. Benjamin Preparatory School, on Church Road, is our flagship campus and is conveniently located in Vinings, Georgia. Our parents have enjoyed our leading programs in early childhood development and performing arts. Our early education program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where young learners can develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, artistically, and physically. Our experienced teachers implement lessons that promote curiosity, problem-solving, and a lifetime love of learning.

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At the heart of Benjamin Preparatory School is a Christ-Centered, research-driven curriculum that nurtures your child's artistic talents as vigorously as their academic abilities. We believe in cultivating their cognitive and motor development through daily exposure to an arts, academic, athletic, and bilingual curriculum. We understand that early education is fundamental to youth brain development, so we discard the cookie-cutter approach to traditional early childhood education. Schedule a tour today and see how Benjamin Preparatory School can offer your child a unique and well-rounded education.

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