Christian Infant Daycare Atlanta GA (Private)

Christian Infant Daycare Atlanta GA (Private)

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Welcome to Benjamin Private Daycare in the heart of Atlanta, GA

We understand that entrusting your precious infant to our care is a significant decision. At Benjamin, we're committed to creating a safe, secure, and loving environment where your child can blossom. Our foundation is built on Christian values, ensuring your child receives not only exceptional care but also a gentle introduction to faith and the love of God.

Why Benjamin Christian Infant Daycare?

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Faith-Based Foundation

We believe in nurturing your child's spirit alongside their physical and cognitive development. Our curriculum is centered around Christian values, introducing them to stories and concepts that promote kindness, compassion, and love.

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Experienced and Caring Staff

Our dedicated team consists of highly qualified and nurturing caregivers who are passionate about early childhood development. Each staff member undergoes a rigorous background check and receives ongoing training to ensure the latest best practices in infant care.

Commitment to Your Child's Well-Being

We understand the importance of each milestone in your child's development. Our staff works closely with you to create a personalized care plan that caters to your infant's needs and ensures they feel safe, loved, and engaged throughout the day.

DECAL Licensed

We prioritize safety and well-being. Our daycare is licensed by the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) and adheres to the strictest safety standards. Our facility provides a clean, stimulating, and secure environment for your precious little one to explore and learn.

Location Information

Benjamin Christian Infant Daycare is conveniently located near you in 2445 Church Road, Atlanta, GA 30339. This allows for easy drop-off and pick-up for busy parents. We understand the importance of choosing a daycare close to home or work, and our central location makes it a breeze to integrate Benjamin's loving care into your child's daily routine.

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Enrollment Information

We know that choosing the right Christian daycare in Atlanta for your infant is a crucial decision. That's why Benjamin Christian Infant Daycare makes the enrollment process smooth and easy.

1. Schedule a Tour:

We highly recommend scheduling a tour of our facility to meet our staff and experience our loving environment firsthand.

2. Complete the Online Enrollment Form:

Once you've decided Benjamin is the perfect fit for your family, you can begin the enrollment process by filling out our online form.

3. Required Documents:

During the enrollment process, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your child's birth certificate
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Proof of residency (e.g., utility bill)
  • A completed physical examination form from your child's pediatrician

4. Enrollment Meeting:

Following the submission of your application and required documents, we will schedule an enrollment meeting to discuss your child's personalized plan and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming your precious one to the Benjamin Christian Infant Daycare family in Atlanta, GA

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Christian-Based Infant Care

At Benjamin Private Daycare in Atlanta, GA, we believe a Christ-centered approach fosters a nurturing and positive environment for your infant's physical and spiritual development. Here's how we incorporate biblical values into our daily routine:

Prayer and Grace

We begin and end each day with a simple age-appropriate prayer of thanks and blessings. This instills a sense of gratitude and introduces your child to the concept of a loving God.

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Biblical Values in Action

Biblical values are woven into our daily routines and interactions. Through stories, songs, and playtime, we introduce concepts like kindness, sharing, forgiveness, and love.

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Experienced Caregivers

Early Childhood Education Background

All our caregivers are experienced with proven track records and possess a minimum of a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or a degree in Early Childhood Education. This ensures they have a strong foundation in child development best practices and are dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality care that is both nurturing and stimulating.

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Ongoing Training and Certifications

We believe in continuous learning and professional development. Here's how we ensure our staff remains up-to-date on the latest best practices:

You can add the following under “Commitment to Christian Values”:

Benjamin Preparatory School's Christian foundation is at the core of everything they do. Students are not only taught key Christian values but are also encouraged to grow in their faith through regular chapel services, Bible studies, and service projects.

Please also make sure that ‘enrollment process’ is consistent among the 4 pages. There is different information on each page about enrollment and it is also not accurate. The ‘Christian Day Care Atlanta’ says we need a birth certificate, proof of residency and a physical for each child however that is not required and I’m not sure where you got that information from. Please make the following amendments to the enrollment process across the board:

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Professional Approach

Our team's dedication, experience, and ongoing training ensure your infant receives the highest quality of care in a loving and Christ-centered environment, all while maintaining a professional approach. All our caregivers wear uniforms in the daycare to create a cohesive and trusting environment.

Safety and that

For Benjamin Christian Infant Daycare in Atlanta, your child's safety and comfort are paramount. Here's how we make sure the environment is caring and safe.

Limited Access

Our facility is equipped with secure entry points and a controlled access system to ensure that only authorized people can enter.

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Safe and Clean Environment

We maintain a clean and sanitized environment throughout the day. Our caregivers regularly disinfect toys, equipment, and surfaces to minimize the spread of germs.

Age-Appropriate Play Areas

We use soft flooring, age-appropriate toys, and secure furniture to minimize the risk of accidents. All furniture is securely anchored to prevent tipping, and electrical outlets are covered.

Parent Testimonials

We're proud to see the positive impact our program has on children's lives. Here's what some of our happy parents have to say:

Since starting at Benjamin, I've seen a remarkable growth in my daughter's faith. The daily devotions and chapel services have fostered a love for God that resonates in our home life as well.

We were looking for a Christ-centered education that would challenge our son academically while also strengthening his moral compass. Benjamin has delivered on both fronts. He's not only excelling in his classes, but he's also becoming a more compassionate and responsible young man.

MyThe service-learning projects have been a true highlight for our family. Witnessing our daughter actively participate in helping others has instilled a strong sense of community and social responsibility in her.

The teachers at Benjamin genuinely care about each student's academic and spiritual development, and it is reflected in every aspect of the education creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

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Facilities and Amenities

We understand the importance of a stimulating and nurturing environment for your child's growth. At Benjamin Private Daycare in Atlanta, GA, our facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of infants, providing them with safe and engaging spaces for play, learning, and rest.

Designated Crawling and Walking Areas

We have dedicated areas with soft flooring that provide ample space for infants to safely practice crawling, scooting, and eventually, walking.

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Creative Exploration Zones

Our creative exploration zones feature age-appropriate art supplies and materials that encourage infants to explore their senses and develop their creativity.

Cozy Cribs and Cots

We provide individual cribs or cots for each infant, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep environment. Soft linens and calming music create a peaceful atmosphere for napping.

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Feeding Stations

We have designated feeding areas that are clean and sanitary, with highchairs and wipeable surfaces for easy cleanup.

Outdoor Play Space

We have a secure outdoor play space where infants can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and exploration (weather permitting). The space is equipped with age-appropriate outdoor toys and soft play surfaces.

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Diaper Area

Our dedicated diaper changing area is equipped with changing tables, wipes, and diaper creams to ensure proper hygiene and comfort for each infant.

Events and News

Display upcoming events or special activities for infants and parents.

Share recent news or achievements.

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Seeing is believing! We encourage you to schedule a tour of our private daycare in Atlanta to meet our loving staff and experience our Christ-centered environment.

We look forward to welcoming you and your precious one to the Benjamin Private Christian Infant Daycare family!

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