Seven Stages of Wellness

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Benjamin Preschool Signature Seven Stages of Wellness

  1. Well-rounded, eager to learn children who gain exposure to a wide spectrum of knowledge in a variety of ways
  2. Well-mannered, socially adaptable children who know how to communicate their needs
  3. Well- spoken, confident children who present their perspectives while being respectful of the perspectives of others
  4. Well-nourished, who are introduced to a variety of whole foods, and who understand that what goes in their bodies affects its ability to function optimally
  5. Well-versed, knowledgeable children who are adept at life’s leading and supporting roles
  6. Well-grounded children who love God, follow Christ’s example and manifest the fruits of the Spirit
  7. Well-loved, protected children who grow up in a nurturing environment where teachers always put children first.

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