Christian Childcare Center, Atlanta GA

Christian Childcare Center, Atlanta GA

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Welcome to Benjamin Preparatory School's Christian Childcare near you in Atlanta, GA

At Benjamin Preparatory School we are dedicated to providing high-quality childcare services in a nurturing Christian environment. We believe that every child is a precious gift from God, and we strive to create a safe and loving space where your child can learn, grow, and develop a strong foundation in their faith.

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About Us

Our mission is to offer holistic development to each child at our Christian childcare center. We go beyond academics, fostering a nurturing environment that cultivates a child's intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This approach is rooted in our Christian-based principles.

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Here's what sets us apart

  • Faith-filled foundation

    Our curriculum is infused with Bible stories, songs, and teachings that introduce children to core Christian values like love, compassion, forgiveness, and respect.

  • Character development

    We incorporate Christian principles into daily activities, helping children develop a strong moral compass and a sense of right and wrong.

  • Celebrating faith together

    We create a welcoming and inclusive environment where children can explore their faith in a safe and supportive space.

  • Collaboration with families

    We believe in partnering with families to ensure a consistent approach to Christian values at home and the childcare center.

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DECAL Licensed

We are proud to be a licensed childcare center in the state of Georgia, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We understand that every child is on a unique journey. By combining a love of learning with a foundation of Christian values, we empower children to become well-rounded individuals who are kind, compassionate, and ready to enter the real world.

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Our Christian Childcare Center, offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children of all ages, from tiny tots to pre-kindergarteners. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of each age group, fostering a love for learning within a Christ-centered framework.

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Here's a highlight of our programs

  • Tiny Dreamers (6 Weeks - 12 Months)

    Our infant program provides a warm and loving environment where the littlest learners can explore, discover, and develop at their own pace.

  • Tiny Tappers (12-24 Months)

    Our toddler program focuses on sensory exploration, social interaction, and building gross and fine motor skills. Fun activities and engaging songs help introduce basic Christian concepts.

  • Tip Top Toddlers (2-3 Years Old)

    Through play-based learning, toddlers explore their creativity, develop language skills, and learn important social skills like sharing and cooperation. Bible stories and songs are a part of the program to nurture their growing faith.

  • Shooting Stars (3-4 Years Old)

    Our preschool program introduces a more structured learning environment while still emphasizing play. Children develop pre-reading and math skills, explore science and nature, and participate in more in-depth Bible lessons and faith-based activities.

  • Show Kids (4-5 Years Old)

    Pre-kindergarteners get ready for kindergarten with a focus on early literacy, math skills, and social-emotional development. Our curriculum incorporates Spanish, performing arts, and S.T.E.A.M+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in age-appropriate ways. We offer dedicated chapel time that allows for continued spiritual growth.

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Throughout all our programs, we emphasize our Benjamin Preschool Signature Seven Stages of Wellness:

  1. Well-rounded, eager to learn

    We foster a love of learning through diverse experiences and exploration.

  2. Well-mannered, socially adaptable

    We teach children to communicate effectively and deal with social situations.

  3. Well-spoken, confident

    We encourage children to express themselves with clarity and respect.

  4. Well-nourished

    We introduce healthy eating habits and understand the connection between food and well-being.

  5. Well-versed, knowledgeable

    We empower children to understand and participate in the world around them.

  6. Well-grounded

    We nurture a love for God and Christ-like behavior.

  7. Well-loved, protected

    We provide a safe and caring environment where children feel loved and supported.

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Experienced Team

Experienced teachers are invaluable for several reasons. Firstly, their deep understanding of child development allows them to tailor their teaching methods to suit individual needs, fostering a stimulating learning environment. Secondly, their years of experience equip them with exceptional classroom management skills, enabling them to create a positive and productive atmosphere where children feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. Last but not least, experienced teachers excel at building strong relationships with their students, fostering a sense of trust and belonging that is crucial for optimal emotional and social development.

That's why we deeply understand the profound impact experienced teachers have on a child's development and our dedicated team possesses a wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion for nurturing young minds.

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Here's a highlight of our team's expertise

  • Qualified and Credentialed

    Our childcare staff is comprised of qualified and experienced professionals who meet all state licensing requirements. Many hold advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education or related fields.

  • Ongoing Professional Development

    We believe in continuous learning. Our teachers actively participate in ongoing professional development opportunities to stay abreast of the latest research and best practices in childcare.

  • Passionate and Caring

    More than just qualifications, our team is driven by a genuine passion for working with children. They are dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment where each child feels valued and supported.

  • Deep Christian Faith

    They share our dedication to integrating Christian values into the daily lives of our students and are committed to the spiritual well-being of your child.

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Our Christian childcare center near you in Atlanta boasts bright and spacious classrooms designed to spark children's imaginations. Each classroom is age-appropriate and equipped with a variety of learning materials, promoting exploration, creativity, and hands-on learning. We prioritize safety with secure playgrounds and age-appropriate equipment, ensuring your child can explore freely within a protected environment.

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Beyond the standard classrooms, our center offers unique features that set us apart

  • The Praise Garden

    A peaceful outdoor haven where children can connect with nature, engage in quiet reflection, and learn about God's creation.

  • The Grand Ballroom

    A multipurpose space transformed for age-appropriate activities like dramatic play, movement classes, and special events. Imagine your child's excitement performing on a miniature stage in our very own "Grand Ballroom"!

  • The Outdoor Stage

    A platform for creativity and self-expression, where children can showcase their talents through plays, music performances, and storytelling under the open sky.

  • Dedicated Art Studio

    Equipped with high-quality art supplies, this space fosters exploration through various materials and techniques, nurturing artistic vision and fine motor skills.

  • Sensory Room

    Providing a calming space for children to explore textures, sounds, and sights with their senses.

  • Spacious Library

    Filled with age-appropriate books to nurture a love for reading and ignite imagination.

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We understand that choosing the right childcare provider is an important decision. Our registration process is designed to be informative and streamlined.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Schedule a Tour

    Contact our admissions office to schedule a personalized tour of our facilities and meet our dedicated staff.

  2. Submit an Application

    Complete a simple application form to begin the admissions process. A non-refundable application fee of $75 applies.

  3. Registration and Enrollment

    Once your child's application is accepted, you will be required to submit a registration fee of $200.

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Tuition Fees

  • Application Fee: $75 (non-refundable)
  • Registration Fee: $200 (applied towards annual supply fee)
  • Annual Supply Fee: $500 (payable in full for a 10% discount or in installments)
  • Weekly Tuition: Please contact our admissions office for current tuition rates. We offer flexible payment options, including weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly payments.

Secure Your Spot!

Spaces fill up quickly! Contact our admissions office today to learn more about our enrollment process, tuition rates, and availability for your child's age group. We look forward to welcoming your family to our Christ-centered learning community!


We understand the importance of afterschool childcare that's conveniently located for busy families. We are situated in 2445 Church Road, Atlanta, GA 30339, making it easy for parents to pick up their children after work or school activities.

Don't settle for just any afterschool program – choose Benjamin for a safe, enriching, and convenient afterschool childcare option near you! We offer a nurturing environment that supports your child's development beyond the classroom. Contact us today to learn more!


At Benjamin Preparatory School's Christian Childcare Center, we are committed to providing exceptional care and education for your child. But hearing from our happy parents is the best testament to our success! Here's what some of them have to say about their experiences:

"We love the Christ-centered environment at Benjamin's! Our child has blossomed here, not only academically but also socially and spiritually." - Sarah M., Parent of a Showstopper (Grade 1)

"The teachers at Benjamin's are truly amazing! They are so caring and attentive, and they go the extra mile to ensure each child feels loved and supported." - David L., Parent of a Tiny Tapper (1 year old)

"We were so impressed with the facilities at Benjamin's, especially the Praise Garden and the Outdoor Stage. Our child has learned a lot in this stimulating and creative environment." - Emily K., Parent of a Shooting Star (3 year old)

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