Private Play-based Preschool in Atlanta

Private Play-based Preschool in Atlanta

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Welcome to Benjamin Private Preschool, Atlanta GA Where Play Ignites a Love for Learning

At our private play-based preschool near you nestled in the heart of Atlanta, we believe in the magic of learning through play and exploration. Our nurturing environment is designed to spark your child's curiosity, creativity, and natural desire to discover the world around them.

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Why Benjamin Private Play-based Preschool?

At Benjamin Private Preschool in Atlanta, GA we go beyond the traditional classroom, embracing the power of play-based learning for your child's early development. Here's why we are the perfect place for your little one to blossom:

Learning Through Play

We believe play is not just fun, it's fundamental! Our curriculum is designed around interactive play experiences that nurture your child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. Through imaginative play, block building, dramatic play, and exploration, children naturally develop:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: As they navigate imaginary worlds and build structures, children learn to experiment, hypothesize, and solve problems independently.
  • Social and Emotional Skills: Play provides a safe space for children to practice communication, collaboration, empathy, and conflict resolution as they interact with peers.
  • Language Development: Through storytelling, singing, and dramatic play, children naturally expand their vocabulary and communication skills.

Experienced Play-Based Educators

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about fostering a love of learning through play. They are specially trained in play-based teaching and create an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and ignites your child's imagination.

A Creative Curriculum

Our curriculum is a unique blend of play-based learning, thematic exploration, and artistic expression. We incorporate music, movement, and outdoor play to create a well-rounded learning experience that caters to each child's individual interests and learning styles.

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Benjamin Private Play-Based Preschool is conveniently located near you in the heart of Atlanta, making it easy for families to access our exceptional early learning program. Our address is:

2445 Church Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

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Admissions Information

We understand you're eager to get your child started on their exciting learning journey at Benjamin Private Preschool. Here's a helpful overview of our admissions process:

Step 1: Schedule a Tour

Contact our admissions office or book online to schedule a personalized tour of our facilities and meet our dedicated staff.

Step 2: Check Availability

Contact our admissions office to check classroom availability.

Step 3: Application

Submit an online application form. There is a non-refundable application fee of $75.

Step 4: Registration

Once your child's application is reviewed and a spot is available, you'll be invited to complete the registration form and parent fee agreement form. This includes submitting a registration fee of $200.

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Step 5: Annual Supply Fee

To ensure we have all the necessary materials for a fun and enriching learning environment, there is an annual supply fee of $500. This fee can be paid in full upfront for a 10% discount, or in convenient installments during the first three months of enrollment. The $200 registration fee is applied toward the total supply fee.

Next steps

Wait to hear back from our administration team to confirm receipt of your application. You will then be provided with proof of payment receipt and contacted with a date for your orientation and start date.

*Please Note: All fees and tuition are subject to change with 30 days notice.


Play-based Curriculum

Benjamin Private Preschool in Atlanta, GA believes play is more than just fun – it's the foundation for a love of learning! Our play-based curriculum is thoughtfully designed to spark curiosity, ignite creativity, and nurture your child's development in a stimulating and engaging way.

Here's how play comes to life at Benjamin Preschool:

Themed Learning Environments

Our classrooms are transformed into thematic wonderlands, from enchanting forests to bustling cityscapes. These interactive spaces provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.

Integration of Play Across Subjects

We don't separate learning from play. Math concepts come alive through block building and sorting activities, literacy skills are fostered through dramatic play and storytelling, and science exploration takes center stage through sensory play experiences.

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Daily Play Activities

Each day is filled with a variety of play experiences designed to cater to different learning styles and interests. Children can engage in:

  • Open-ended Play: Blocks, dramatic play areas, and art materials provide opportunities for independent exploration and creativity.
  • Small Group Activities: Teachers facilitate collaborative play experiences like building structures, creating mini-performances, or conducting science experiments.
  • Outdoor Play: Our spacious outdoor area allows children to explore nature, engage in gross motor play, and connect with the world around them.

Special Play-Themed Events

Throughout the year, we host special events that celebrate the joy of play. This could include a dramatic play festival, a science fair extravaganza, or a messy sensory play day – all designed to spark excitement and ignite a love for learning.

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Early Childhood Development

We understand that early childhood is a critical time for development. Our play-based curriculum is specifically designed to nurture your child's cognitive, social, and emotional well-being, setting them on the path to lifelong success.

Here's how:

  • Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

    Block building, dramatic play, and imaginative scenarios all encourage children to experiment, hypothesize, and solve problems independently. These playful activities strengthen critical thinking skills that are essential for future academic success.

  • Language and Literacy Development

    Through storytelling, singing, and dramatic play, children naturally expand their vocabulary and communication skills. Our curriculum also incorporates age-appropriate story books and literacy experiences to foster a love for reading and learning.

  • Math & Science Exploration

    Playful activities like sorting, measuring, and building with blocks introduce children to basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Sensory play experiences also spark curiosity about the natural world, laying the foundation for future science exploration.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    Dramatic play, group games, and collaborative art projects provide opportunities for children to learn how to work together, share, and communicate effectively. These social interactions are essential for building strong relationships and fostering emotional intelligence.

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

    Through play-based learning, children are encouraged to explore their interests, take risks, and make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem, which is crucial for emotional well-being.

  • Social-Emotional Learning

    We integrate social-emotional learning into our play-based activities. Through stories, discussions, and role-playing, children learn to identify and manage their emotions, develop empathy for others, and build healthy social skills.

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  • Enrichment Programs

    Beyond the core curriculum, Benjamin play-based Preschool offers a variety of enrichment programs designed to further stimulate young minds:

    • Creative Arts & Crafts: Our dedicated art studio provides a space for children to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, sculpting, and more.
    • Music & Movement: We integrate music and movement throughout the day, fostering rhythm, coordination, and a love for self-expression.
    • Outdoor Exploration: Our spacious outdoor play area allows children to develop gross motor skills, connect with nature, and learn about the environment through active play.
    • Dramatic Play & Themed Activities: Dramatic play areas and themed units provide opportunities for children to develop their imaginations, communication skills, and social interaction.
    • Good News Desk: This unique program encourages children to develop public speaking skills and confidence through pretend news broadcasts. They can interview classmates, report on classroom activities, and express their creativity in a fun and engaging way.


We believe the best testament to our program's success comes from the happy parents and excited learners who call Benjamin Preschool home. See what some of our families have to say about their experience:

"Since starting at Benjamin Preschool, my daughter has blossomed! Her vocabulary has improved, and she's constantly coming up with creative ideas for play. We can tell she truly loves learning, and we credit Benjamin's play-based approach for sparking her curiosity and imagination." - Sarah's mother

"We were initially hesitant about a play-based preschool, but Benjamin has completely changed our minds! Our son has made incredible social progress through dramatic play and group activities. He's also become more confident and independent, thanks to the nurturing environment the teachers create." - Parents of Ethan

"The Good News Desk program has been a game-changer for our daughter! She used to be shy, but now she's confident and loves presenting the 'classroom news' to her peers. Benjamin Preschool has helped her develop her voice and public speaking skills in such a fun way." - Parent of Chloe

"We can't recommend Benjamin Preschool enough! The teachers are passionate and dedicated, and the play-based learning environment is truly magical. Our son has learned so much through play, and we love seeing his love for learning grow each day." - Parent of William

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Safe Facilities

At Benjamin Private Preschool, Atlanta GA, we believe a nurturing environment is essential for fostering a love of learning. That's why we've created an engaging space that sparks curiosity, exploration, and safe play for your child. Here's a glimpse into what awaits your little learner at Benjamin Preschool:

  • Indoor Playgrounds

    Our spacious indoor play areas feature age-appropriate equipment for climbing, crawling, sliding, and imaginative play. These areas are specifically designed to promote gross motor development, balance, and coordination in a safe and fun environment.

  • Dramatic Play Corner

    Complete with costumes, props, and a dedicated stage area, our dramatic play corner allows children to unleash their creativity and storytelling skills. This imaginative space fosters social interaction, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Art Studio

    Our well-equipped art studio provides a dedicated space for children to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, sculpting, and a variety of open-ended art materials. This fosters self-expression, fine motor skills development, and artistic appreciation.

  • Building and Construction Zone

    Equipped with blocks, Legos, and other building materials, this designated area allows children to experiment with design, construction, and problem-solving skills. Building together also encourages collaboration and communication among peers.

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  • Story Nook & Library

    Our cozy story nook and library provide a haven for relaxation and literacy exploration. Curl up with a captivating book, or listen to engaging stories read aloud by our teachers. This fosters a love for reading and language development.

  • Computer Lab

    Our computer lab introduces age-appropriate technology in a safe and supervised environment. Children can explore educational games, engage in interactive activities, and develop basic computer skills, all while fostering curiosity and critical thinking in a supervised environment.

  • Spacious Outdoor Play Area

    Our expansive outdoor play area allows children to connect with nature, engage in active play, and develop gross motor skills. Fresh air and sunshine are essential for healthy development, and our outdoor space provides the perfect opportunity for exploration and learning.

  • Ballroom

    This multipurpose room provides a space for group activities, movement classes, performances, and special events. The open layout allows for creative use of the space and encourages active participation.

  • Safety First

    Your child's safety is our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive safety measures throughout our facilities, including:

    • Secure gated entry and exit procedures· Certified playground equipment with soft landings
    • Continuous adult supervision both indoors and outdoors
    • Regular safety checks and maintenance of all facilities
    • Age-appropriate use of technology with educational software

    Benjamin Preschool offers a world of wonder where exploration, creativity, and safety go hand-in-hand. Schedule a tour today and see why our facilities are the perfect place for your child to learn and grow!

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Community Engagement

Benjamin play-based Preschool, believes in fostering a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom walls. We actively participate in our local community to enrich the lives of our students and connect with the families we serve. Here are some ways we cultivate a spirit of community engagement:

Family Fun Events

Throughout the year, we host family-friendly events that celebrate learning and creativity. These events provide opportunities for parents, children, and teachers to connect outside the classroom and build a strong school community. These events include science fairs, art walks, and seasonal festivals.

Volunteer Opportunities

We believe in the power of giving back. We partner with local organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for our families and staff. This allows us to contribute to the well-being of our community while teaching children valuable lessons about social responsibility.

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Community Partnerships

We collaborate with local businesses, libraries, and museums to offer enriching experiences for our students. These partnerships might involve field trips, guest speakers, or participation in community events. By connecting with the broader community, we expose our students to diverse perspectives and expand their learning horizons.

Supporting Local Causes

We actively support local charities and causes that align with Christian values. This might involve fundraising initiatives, donation drives, or volunteering our time and resources. Teaching our students about the importance of helping others fosters compassion and a sense of community responsibility.

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Events and News:

Display upcoming events, open houses, or special preschool-related activities.

Share recent news or achievements related to Wonderful Playdays.

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