Private Christian Academy Preschool - Kennesaw, GA

Private Christian Academy Preschool - Kennesaw, GA

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Welcome to Benjamin Christian Preschool where your child's journey of learning and faith begins!

We believe in fostering a warm and loving atmosphere where your child can blossom. Our private Christian academy preschool in Kennesaw, GA, is dedicated to providing a curriculum that integrates core educational principles with strong Christian values. We strive to create a foundation of knowledge, compassion, and faith that will guide your child throughout their life.

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Why Benjamin Christian Academy Preschool?

At Benjamin Christian Academy Preschool, we understand the importance of a nurturing environment that fosters both intellectual and spiritual growth. Here's what sets us apart:

Christ-Centered Learning

Our curriculum is built upon a strong Christian foundation. We incorporate Biblical values and teachings into every aspect of our preschool experience, helping your child develop a love for God and a strong moral compass.

Small Class Sizes & Personalized Attention

With a commitment to smaller class sizes, our dedicated teachers can provide personalized attention to each child. This allows us to cater to individual learning styles and ensure every child feels valued and supported.

Focus on Early Childhood Development

We understand the critical role early childhood development plays in shaping a child's future. Our play-based curriculum incorporates age-appropriate activities that stimulate cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, all within a loving Christian environment.


We understand the importance of finding a private Christian preschool Kennesaw, GA offering a nurturing Christian environment close to home for families in the area.

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Admissions Information

We believe Benjamin Private Christian Academy Preschool could be the perfect fit for your child! Our admissions process is designed to be welcoming and informative. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

Open House Events

We host open house events where you can tour our private Christian preschool near you, meet our teachers, and learn more about our Christ-centered curriculum.

Application & Teacher Interview

The online application form [Online Application Link] allows you to share your child's information and preferences. Following submission, we'll schedule a personal interview with one of our teachers to discuss your child's needs and ensure a smooth transition into our program.

Philosophy of Admissions

While academic potential is valued, our admissions process also considers your family's commitment to a Christian environment. We believe a strong partnership between school and home is essential for your child's holistic development.

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Christian Curriculum

Benjamin Christian Preschool holds a strong Christian foundation for your child's overall well-being. Our curriculum is designed to nurture young hearts and minds by seamlessly integrating Biblical teachings and values into every aspect of the preschool experience.

Here's what sets our Christian curriculum apart

Daily Bible Exploration

Each day, our preschoolers set on a captivating journey through age-appropriate Bible stories. Through interactive storytelling, engaging activities, and Christ-centered songs, children learn valuable lessons about kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and God's love.

Character Development Through Play

We believe play is a powerful tool for learning. Our curriculum incorporates faith-based themes into playtime activities, encouraging children to demonstrate Christian values like sharing, cooperation, and respect for others.

Daily Chapel

Our day begins with a warm and welcoming chapel service. This special time allows children to come together as a community, sing uplifting Christian songs, and participate in short, engaging Bible lessons that build a foundation of faith.

Celebrating Christian Holidays and Values

Throughout the year, we observe and celebrate important Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. These celebrations are filled with joy, age-appropriate activities, and opportunities to learn more about the significance of these holidays in the Christian faith.

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Early Childhood Development

We understand that the early years play a crucial role in shaping a child's future. Our curriculum goes beyond academics, focusing on nurturing the whole child – cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically. Here's how we foster well-rounded development in a loving Christian environment

Cognitive Development

Our play-based learning approach sparks curiosity and exploration. Age-appropriate activities like building blocks, puzzles, and science experiments stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning.

Social and Emotional Development

Through interactive play and group activities, children learn valuable social skills like cooperation, communication, and empathy. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where children feel safe to make friends, express themselves, and deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

Physical Development

We provide ample opportunities for energetic play, both indoors and outdoors. From gross motor activities like running and jumping to fine motor skills development through arts and crafts, our program helps children develop a strong and healthy mind and body.

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Enrichment Programs

In addition to our core curriculum, Benjamin Christian Academy Preschool offers enriching programs that further enhance your child's learning experience. These include:

Music Classes: Singing, movement, and exploring instruments allow children to develop rhythm, coordination, and a love for music.

Art Programs: Through creative exploration of various art forms, children express themselves, develop fine motor skills, and appreciate the beauty of God's creation.

Language Development: We offer programs that introduce children to new vocabulary, storytelling, and basic concepts to improve language proficiency.

STEAM Activities: Our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) activities encourage curiosity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking through engaging hands-on experiences.

Dramatic Play: Dramatic play allows children to express themselves creatively, develop social skills like cooperation and communication, and build confidence through storytelling and role-playing.


Here at Benjamin Private Christian Preschool, we take pride in the positive impact we have on our students. Listen to what parents are saying about their child's experience at our preschool:

"We are so grateful for Benjamin preschool! Our son has blossomed here. The teachers are nurturing and patient, and the Christ-centered environment has instilled strong values in him. We love seeing his love for God grow alongside his love for learning." - Sarah M., Parent of a Showstopper (Grade 1)

"My daughter has grown in the small class sizes at Benjamin Private Academy. The teachers provide personalized attention and truly care about each child's development. The daily Bible lessons and chapel service have been a wonderful way to introduce her to her faith in a fun and engaging way."

"We looked for a preschool that offered more than just academics, and Benjamin perfectly fit that. The focus on Christian values and early childhood development has been amazing for our children. We highly recommend it to anyone seeking a nurturing and faith-filled environment for their preschooler."

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Facilities and Safety

At Benjamin, we believe a warm, inviting, and safe environment is essential for fostering a love of learning. Our Christian Academy preschool near you in Kennesaw boasts a variety of thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to your child's physical, social, and intellectual development:

Bright and Cheerful Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to be warm, and welcoming, and promote exploration. Each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate learning materials, cozy reading nooks, and creative centers that spark curiosity and imagination.

Spacious Play Areas

We understand the importance of play-based learning. Our designated indoor and outdoor play areas provide ample space for energetic activities, gross motor skill development, and imaginative play. Safe and stimulating equipment like climbers, slides, and age-appropriate toys keep children engaged and active.

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Dedicated Art Room

Our art room is a haven for creative exploration. With a variety of art supplies, easels, and dedicated spaces for messy masterpieces, children can express themselves freely and develop their fine motor skills.

Beautiful Chapel

Our dedicated chapel fosters a calm and spiritual atmosphere. This warm and inviting space is where children gather for daily chapel services, Bible lessons, and special celebrations throughout the year.


The spacious ballroom provides a wonderful space for group activities, indoor play on rainy days, and special events like school plays and parent-teacher gatherings.

Secure Outdoor Area

Our fenced-in outdoor area allows children to explore nature, engage in energetic play equipment use, and participate in teacher-led outdoor activities in a safe and secure environment.

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Safety First

The safety and well-being of your child is our top priority. Here are some of the measures we take to ensure a safe learning environment:

Limited Class Sizes: Smaller class sizes allow for closer supervision and personalized attention to each child's needs.

Secure Facilities: Our building is equipped with secure entry points and a coded access system.

Experienced Staff: All our staff members undergo thorough background checks and are CPR and First-Aid certified.

Regular Safety Inspections: Our facilities undergo regular inspections to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

Schedule a tour of our Christian academy preschool near you and experience the warm and welcoming environment firsthand!

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Community Engagement

We believe in fostering a love for God and compassion for others not just within our preschool walls, but also within the greater Kennesaw community. We actively participate in various community engagement initiatives, aiming to instill a sense of social responsibility and the importance of giving back in our young learners.

Here are some ways Benjamin Christian Academy Preschool gets involved in the community

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year, we organize volunteer opportunities that allow our preschoolers, alongside their families, to participate in age-appropriate service projects. This could involve activities like collecting donations for local shelters, participating in park clean-up days, or creating care packages for those in need.

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Community Events

We believe in building strong connections within Kennesaw. Our preschool regularly participates in local community events, such as town fairs, charity walks, or holiday festivals. These events provide opportunities for our children to interact with the broader community, showcase their talents, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

Senior Center Visits

We cherish the importance of intergenerational relationships. Our preschoolers occasionally visit local senior centers to sing songs, share stories, and spread joy to older adults in our community. These visits foster compassion, empathy, and a sense of connection between different generations.

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