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Accelerated Learning Preschool

At Benjamin Preparatory School, we believe that families seeking a faith-based program should fully require and expect academic rigor. At Benjamin Prep, quality care, clean environment and state-required learning standards are a GIVEN--- but teaching ahead to prepare children for a globally competitive future is a MUST. Cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development standards are taught from our infant program through the Second grade. In addition to these areas, early phonetic awareness, Spanish, Performing and Visual Arts and other elementary-grade standards (including S.T.E.A.M+) are taught in an age and developmentally-appropriate way from as young as age one.

World's Stage (Grade School)

For our grade school students, Benjamin Preparatory School features the World’s Stage Program, our signature curriculum designed with global student leadership in mind! This exciting and intensive learning experience is customized to accelerate student learning grades K-2 through rigorous multidisciplinary study, Christ-centered leadership training and artistic performance. This program has been the launching pad for some of the metro areas’ most gifted and prolific young learners. The Alpha generation, defined as children born after 2010, will play a significant role in shaping our global future. Born into a rapidly modernizing world, many children in this generation are already interacting with, if not mastering, advanced technologies before their first birthdays.

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Technology has changed the way we learn. It has changed why we learn the things we learn. It has made world events accessible in real time. Raising a child today requires parents to 1) determine healthy access levels and intervals for children using technology, 2) monitor information discovered by children via these platforms, and 3) raise children who establish personal limits and self-control at a time where near anything can be viewed — often with as little as a click or a swipe. This generation has been defined by proximity to technology in their everyday lives. Preparing children for success in the modern technological age can no longer effectively take place in an antiquated learning environment.

At Benjamin Preparatory School, our mission is to prepare your child for the world's stage. In pursuit of that mission, we designed a program that takes the knowledge of effective educational practices of both the past and present to create an instructional delivery model that is second to none. The Learning Lab enables children to envision and create in a specially-designed learning space rendered with child leadership and presentation in mind, making it the perfect innovative backdrop for our Alpha generation scholars. Readying children to successfully thrive in the world of our future and to make informed decisions about where their gifts and talents fit is an important goal of the Learning Lab program.


Every morning, Learning Lab students participate in a daily news broadcast, Good News Daily. Students are employed in the broadcast as camera operators, news anchors, roving reporters, audience facilitators, researchers, computer operators, audio/visual operators and audience members. Through role play, our students are able to flex their creative muscles and oratory skills.

At the Good News Desk, students are challenged to develop scripts for their own broadcasts and to conduct technological research, requiring a deeper understanding of their daily lessons. Students then delight in reciting their newscasts to fellow students.

Through our newsroom, students gain confidence in public speaking and a desire to demonstrate their learning confidently.


On the Center Stage, students use role playing and performance to bring their educational experiences to life. Center Stage is home to the student-led Show Stoppers Daily Chapel Service, the Daily Spot Report and the dynamic entertainment showcase, Praise Weekly.

Center Stage also features weekly debates, workshops and talk shows featuring the greater Benjamin Preparatory School community.


The Creation Station is an exciting backdrop for both the presentational component of our science program and our weekly cooking show, Cool Beans. As children study the wonderful world of science, they periodically host guests from the greater scientific community who share unique scientific lessons and insights with the Benjamin Preparatory Students.

Students themselves take the stage weekly to conduct their own experiments and present their findings to a viewing audience. Creation Station is also home to guest chefs from our professional and parent communities who come into share special recipes with students.


The World's Stage Desk is the operational location for the instructor in the Learning Lab for most of the day. It is from this desk that students work in small groups with the instructor, receive large group lessons for the class as a whole, and approach the instructor for guidance, consultation and encouragement during the course of the school day. Designed with a magnetic learning map over 6 feet high and 8 feet wide as backdrop, students are able to build and observe national and world maps, giving them a hands-on way to reinforce their sense of international awareness.

The World's Stage Desk is also home to a weekly cultural show, Trendsetters, where children explore culture and geography. Our students learn about their world and their environment through music, fashion, arts, food, customs and religious studies. Unlike the generations of the pre-Information Age, our students enjoy the ability to make instant connections across huge distances. This station ensures that children begin to develop a global perspective as those connections are made.


Students get a chance to retreat to a quiet and relaxing environment to read, rest, pray or relax in the Reading Nook. Available to any child needing a break, this area allows for quiet reflection and teaches children the importance of rest in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. Books leveled to each child's reading abilities are supplied in the nook to ensure all children meaningful reading opportunities.


For limited periods of time daily, our students are able to reinforce their math, reading and science lessons through computer applications and digital games. These interactive, student-directed lessons allow children to learn at their own pace in while utilizing engaging and differentiated learning programs. These computerized programs offer visual engagement, provide exciting rewards for achievement and offer tremendous instructional flexibility. While at play in our computer lab, children happily experience immersion in academic exercises while maturing their computer skills. Students also use the lab to participate daily in the engaging and effective language learning program, Rosetta Stone.