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Mr. Albert A. Benjamin, J.P. born on December 1, 1923 & Mrs. Pearly M. A. Benjamin born on September 29, 1927 in Jamaica West Indies are the proud parents of nine children, more than twenty grandchildren and more than twenty great grandchildren. Their success in business allowed them to provide for their children and many others in their community and beyond.


Their strong belief in education caused them to encourage their children to embrace study habits that have allowed them to be professionals in various fields. Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin not only provided a path for their children to achieve success but they also aided many children in their community to realize their dreams academically. Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin exemplified moral standards guided by the teachings of the Christian faith. As a lasting legacy in honor of their contribution to their family and community as a whole, the Benjamin Preparatory School was established in 2009 and named in their honor. To continue the honorary legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, The Albert A. & Pearl M. A. Benjamin Foundation, Inc., was established in 2022 to provide scholarship opportunities for underprivileged students who show great promise academically, display exemplary character ad possess the passion for making a difference in the world in which they live.

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