The Power of Play: How Benjamin Preparatory School Incorporates Fun into Learning

Benjamin Preparatory School in Atlanta, GA, is revolutionizing the way children perceive learning. By infusing fun and creativity into the curriculum, our performing arts academy is focused on transforming students into lifelong learners who are eager to explore new knowledge and develop their strengths.

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Well-Rounded Development through Performing Arts

At the core of our performing arts academy’s educational approach is a commitment to whole child development — this includes both the math and science aspects of a STEAM program and the creative parts. But offering performing arts and music programs, students have the opportunity to explore their artistic talents and showcase their creativity through fun activities.


Creation Station to Spark Creativity

In addition to the traditional academic curriculum, our Atlanta prep school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and enrichment programs to further enhance students' interests and skills. One of which is the Creation Station, which gives students the chance to experiment with science and cooking for our school-run weekly cooking show.

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The World's Stage Desk for Cultural Learning

Our performing arts academy is proud to help children in our community learn all about other cultures. The Benjamin Preparatory School is all about increasing international awareness in our students by learning about different types of music, cuisine, arts, and customs.


Games to Promote Computer Skills

As part of our in-house STEAM program, we provide students with the chance to learn computer science skills through online applications and games. The time spent in our computer lab allows for immersive learning exercises that are outside a traditional classroom environment.

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Benjamin Preparatory School prioritizes the power of play to make learning an enjoyable and engaging experience. We are excited to welcome new students who are eager to embrace new knowledge and challenges. Enroll in our Atlanta prep school now!

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