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How to choose a daycare?

As soon as your kid enters your life it changes with responsibilities being drastically increased that might lead you to look for daycares. After all, a compassionate and engaging childcare setting can be an excellent addition to your child's nurturing. But with so many daycares in Kennesaw, how to choose a good daycare?

If you have also come here with this question in mind you have come to the right place. This blog post will guide you through the essential steps of choosing a daycare for your kid. We'll cover key factors to consider, questions to ask daycare providers, and resources to help you make an informed decision.

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First - Understanding Your Family Needs

Before you start searching for daycares, consider your family's situation and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Age

Daycares cater to different age groups. Are you looking for care for your infant or toddler or preschool or after school?

2. Schedule

What kind of daycare hours do you need? Do you need full-time care, part-time care for a few days a week, or perhaps occasional assistance? Consider your work schedule and how many hours per day your child would need to spend at daycare to make things work for your life as a working parent.

3. Budgeting

The cost of daycare varies. Determine the monthly amount that you can afford to pay for childcare.

4. Philosophy

Daycares can have different philosophies, like Montessori or play-based learning. Ask yourself which approach aligns with your parenting style or what type of nurturing environment you want for your child.

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Second - Researching Daycare Options in Kennesaw

Now that you are aware of what your family needs from daycare, it's time to look into the outstanding daycares in Kennesaw. Here are some strategies for locating the ideal fit:

1. Web Search

Search engines are your friend! Use keywords like "daycare Kennesaw" and "daycare near me" to explore and make a list of the ones that fulfill your demands and have good reviews.

You can also look for state websites or some directories online for a list of good or licensed daycares in your area.

2. Recommendation

Talk to your friends, family, and others in your social circle! They might have something to recommend.

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Third - Visiting Daycares and Asking Questions

Now that you have made a list of some worth considering options, it's time for the most crucial step: childcare tours! It's best to see them in person to get an accurate picture of the place. Here's what you should look for during the tour:

1. Facility

Is the daycare clean, bright, and safe? Is there enough room for your little one to play and explore? For example, do the babies have plenty of space to crawl around or practice tummy time? Are there areas for older kids to color, build with blocks, or read books?

2. Staff

Meet the amazing people who will be taking care of your child! Are they warm, friendly, and seem experienced? How many caregivers are there for each group of children? This is known as the staff-to-child ratio, a low ratio is considered good for personalized attention to your child.

It's crucial to know that the caregivers are well-qualified and experienced in looking after kids. Ensure they are trained in first aid and CPR. For older children, check if the teachers have experience or qualifications in early childhood education.

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3. Curriculum

Each daycare has its own approach to teaching and helping children develop. Ask about the daycare's curriculum to see if it aligns with what you want for your child. Does it support the growth of their social skills, emotions, and intellect simultaneously? Is it suitable for your child's age group? You might be familiar with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Check if the daycare includes these subjects in an age-appropriate manner.

4. Safety & Security

Ensure that the daycare has installed the necessary security measures, such as locked doors and gates. Inquire about their emergency procedures, such as what happens during a fire drill or if a child is harmed. Lastly, find out if state inspectors have given the daycare a clean report. Knowing that your child will be in a secure and healthy environment can ease your mind.

5. Communication

How you will be communicated about your child's day or any other development? Ask about their communication policies. Will they send you daily reports or updates? Do they have any such portal, chat group, or app where you can see photos of your child participating in activities?

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6. Philosophy

See if their parenting philosophies align with yours. This could involve things like discipline, screen time, snacks and meals, or nap schedules. For example, do you believe in gentle guidance or time-outs? Does the daycare limit screen time, or do they use educational TV shows? Do they provide meals and snacks, or should you prepare your child's lunch? Find out if they have a sleep schedule, and if so, is it adaptable to your child's requirements.

7. License or Accreditation

Finally, make sure the daycare is licensed by the state or accreditated. This indicates that they satisfy all legal standards for quality and safety. Some daycare centers go beyond and obtain accreditation, signifying that they fulfill even higher standards.

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Finding the Perfect Fit: Benjamin Daycare in Kennesaw

Benjamin Preparatory School knows how important it is to find your child the ideal daycare setting. For this reason, we hope to be a helping hand to you during your journey! But wait! There's more!

Did you know Benjamin Preparatory School offers daycare in Kennesaw? Our daycare program is designed to nurture and promote your child's growth, aligning perfectly with your family values.

Here's how Benjamin Daycare checks all the boxes:

Cater to All Ages: We have programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, ensuring a long-term bond with your child.

Flexible Schedules: To accommodate your hectic family life, we provide full-time, part-time, and even after-school care.

DECAL Licensed Staff: All our caregivers and teachers are experienced and licensed by DECAL (Department of Early Care and Learning)

Safe and Secure Environment: The Benjamin Daycare facility is clean, well-maintained, and prioritizes the safety of your child through advanced safety measures.

Playful Learning: Our curriculum encourages social, emotional, and intellectual development through age-appropriate activities, including some fun STEM concepts!

Open Communication: We believe in keeping you informed about your child's day and progress.

Christ-Centered Philosophy: With our Christ-centered curriculum we ensure a physical and spiritual nurturing environment for your child.

Last Words

Finding the right daycare for your little learner doesn't have to be stressful when Benjamin Daycare in Kennesaw is here to make your search smooth! We offer a safe, nurturing, and educational environment that promotes both physical and spiritual growth.

Give us a call today to schedule a tour and see why Benjamin Daycare in Kennesaw could be the perfect fit for your family!